Big Announcement!





For those of you don’t already know we are planning to add another Esh to the fam! Image


I have been wanting to shout it from the rooftops for a while and now it’s official!! A few weeks ago we applied with Lifeline to adopt internationally and have been accepted to be one of their adoptive families. We’ll share about what country we plan to adopt from soon, but most importantly we will be the blessed ones of a new little guy or girl in the next 12-18 months. From all the research we have done, it is hard to put an exact time on international adoption but I always need some refining in patience anyways. 

So, why adoption? Boy oh boy it has been on my heart for so many years. Before we welcomed our first kiddo into the world we knew we would adopt. Landon came along and our desire to adopt became even deeper. I really didn’t know if that would happen and even feared that I might lose the deep desire to adopt once we has him. Boy, I was wrong. The way we love Landon cannot be explained in words. Even though we love him so much, my love for him leads me to weep for those kids who have no one. Landon has a mommy and daddy to tuck him in at night, enough food to eat, a best friend named Daisy (our fluffy golden retriever) and he has the opportunity to hear about Jesus. All of that to say, Landon has deepened our desire to grow our family through adoption because we couldn’t imagine our little squirt going though the heartache of abandonment. 

Well I’m off for now! I am sure there will be many more posts in the near future. I could write and write about the months of research and prayer that have led us to this decision, but we have plenty of time for that. zai jian for now! (bye in Mandarin 🙂 ) 


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