Dig a hole….to China

When I was a little girl I remember thinking I could dig a hole to China. I mean, it makes sense if China is on the other side of the world, right? Ping was my favorite book and for some reason I was enamored by the culture in China. Fast forward many years later and God led me to live in East Asia for a year and my eyes were opened to His love for the nations. I not only fell in love with the people there, but I fell in love with Jesus.

Sooo, if you haven’t guess already, we are adopting from China!! Here is the pic of our little family the night we sent in our application to Lifeline Adoption Agency…Image

That application took us a whole week to fill out and send! From what I hear that is nothing compared to the amount of paperwork we will face during the whole adopting process. There were a lot of personal questions, questions about our finances, and questions about our faith. A week later, we found out that we were accepted to adopt from the Special Focus/Waiting Child program in China!! Here is a pic of the “official” letter…


I promise our secret names are not Toby and Shannon…if you look closely there is a little typo πŸ˜‰ Congrats to Toby and Shannon if you ever read this! And a little trivia for you: what does the Chinese character mean? Maybe, just maybe, this will get you to leave a comment (which makes me oh so happy).

Yes, the acceptance made adopting seem “real”, but the last few weeks have made it even more real. Since we are choosing from waiting children we have begun to look through files of kids that are waiting to have forever families. Their little faces are what make it so real, so sad, and so happy all at the same time. It’s sad because we can’t adopt them all. It’s happy because there is the hope of adoption for these kids! For many years a lot of these kids were considered un-adoptable. Some of the factors that make them special needs: cleft lip/palate, age, sex (there is a higher preference to adopt girls no matter where you adopt from ), missing limbs, hearing impairments, cerebal palsy, etc. “Special Needs” is such a broad term in adoption. In China, if these kids are not adopted, they will eventually age out of the orphanage (usually around age 16). Many will not have social skills or an education to help them get a job. In China, it is very rare to see someone with any sort of special need working. They often are forced to beg or even go into prostitution. They need someone to believe in them, and most importantly, just to love them.

I know many people might think Β that we are getting in over our heads. Believe me, sometimes we both feel like that. We worry, we cry and sometimes we question. So why are we doing this? Because God has placed it on our hearts for a reason. To ignore that desire would be the easy way out, but it wouldn’t allow us to see God’s plan. We wouldn’t be following Him and we strive to follow Him every day. Even though it is difficult, we want our faith to be strengthened and God is definitely doing that right now.Β Image

I am reminded every day of that when I take a look at our picture wall of China πŸ™‚

We sure could use your prayers right now. Mostly, we need prayer that God will give us wisdom – wisdom to pursue adopting a child that we can be the best family for. Also, please pray for relief from the stress we are under. Although we are super excited, adopting is not easy and the financial stress that it brings adds to all of the stress from paperwork, home studies, etc. Please pray that God will provide financially for our adoption. We also want to praise God for what he has already provided for us – supportive friends, doctors to look over files and already quite a few donations for our yard sale!

Speaking of the yard sale, we will be having one to raise funds on October 12th. If you would like to donate anything let me know and I will come and pick it up! Or put it on your calendar and come on out to find your treasure πŸ™‚

I’m off for now! Zai Jian!


9 thoughts on “Dig a hole….to China

  1. It’s “Ai”, pronounced like the long vowel sound “i” and its a fast falling fourth tone (high to low) and it means LOVE πŸ™‚ That is wonderful news… wish you all the best!

  2. So excited for you all! Lifting you in prayer and that the perfect baby match will be made with God speaking to your hearts. Oxoxox
    Cathy Gouge

  3. Oh Tricia!
    I am so happy for you and your family as y’all embark on this journey!
    Thanks for Sharon it so eloquently via this blog!
    I look forward to hearing more as your journey progresses and know I will definitely be praying for y’all during this process!
    What kin of items are you looking to place in your yard sale? I might can hook you up!
    Sandee πŸ˜€

  4. Gotta LUV iPhone spell check… “sharing” not Sharon, and “kind” not kin! Oops! I should have double checked before I sent that message above!

  5. just wanted to leave a comment so you know ppl are reading! haven’t seen you in years but like reading your blog updates! excited for you guys!

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