Our HUGE Adoption Yard Sale update

Hey all! So, as a birthday present to myself, I am currently sitting on the couch with a lit candle ( a birthday present from my friend Meg) and blogging. We have been so busy (with the yard sale and other commitments) that I haven’t been able to just sit down and relax for quite some time. It’s a much needed treat, but it is very difficult for me to do!

So, I am sure you are curious about how our yard sale went. First of all, we want to thank the 36 families (some whom we didn’t even know!)  who donated stuff, as well as the many people who let us borrow trucks, tables, and other yard sale gear. In addition to the yard sale, we had one of the best bake sale tables ever! Some of our close friends made so many yummy treats to sell to all the guests. To give you an idea of the volume of stuff we had donated, check out these pics:

yard sale preview out garageyardsale preview 2yardsale previewyardsale preview3

Ok, so I think you get the point, we had A LOT of stuff donated. We felt like we were on that Hoarders show, and after about a week of living like that, I needed major prayer for my sanity. I am not the cleanest person, but definitely cannot live in clutter like that!  Even though Dave and I were going a little crazy, Landon loved all the “new toys” that were delivered to his house each day and always had something to keep him busy.

So, how did the yard sale go overall? I have to admit that it was exhausting, but we were able to raise a lot of funds to bring our littlest one home! So far, we raised $2,324.28 from Craigslist, consigning clothes and the yard sale. We didn’t sell all of the furniture because we priced it a little high for yard sale shoppers in hopes that we could get more for it on Craigslist.

Our garage is still full so in the next few weeks we will have another sale, just not quite as BIG. To be quite honest, I really felt like crying when we decided to have another one. The last two weeks have been exhausting and I was working from 4 am to 6 pm non stop at our first one. I want to be honest on my blog (in case other’s who are adopting read it) but in no way do I want to diminish how GRATEFUL we are to all those who donated and helped out. I do want people to know that a yard sale this size is not easy.  If you ever have one, know that it will be like Black Friday in your front yard  with you as the store owner 😉

In preparation I had a lot of high expectations (not good). I planned to have all of the clothes neatly hanging up on racks. We were going to have a separate table for doughnuts and coffee with a little donation basket. I was going to have makeup on and a smile on my face. Did any of that happen? No. Did we raise enough money to pay for our home study? Yes.  Despite my expectations not being met, God provided just what we needed, plus a little more.

I also planned to walk around and take pics of the yard sale set up before everyone got here…yeah right. People showed up with flashlights at 6:30 am! Here is a least one pic, but it was right before we started packing everything up..

yardsale blog

I would love to give a shout out to the Keown’s for taking care of Landon. He had his first “friend sleepover” and had a ton of fun with his buddy Will.

Thank you yard sale

Here are Will and Landon with Rae Rae at our house after the yard sale. It’s a special thank you to everyone who helped out! And here is another shout out to Raeanne – she is the one who took the creative pic that is our blog header. She is a special friend who has already done so much to help us with our adoption!

This is totally not related to the yard sale, but I wanted to share this precious video of Landon with you all. Hope you enjoy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Our HUGE Adoption Yard Sale update

  1. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 Will had a great time and on Monday we still had out the pillows they used to watch their movie. Will kept patting it and saying, “Landon, Landon.” I had to tell him we would have to have another sleepover but Landon went home. 🙂

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