LOI Submitted!

This blog post is about a week and a half past due. Last Wednesday, we submitted our LOI to China….yay!! You can read more about what an LOI is here https://ourpotter.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/whats-an-loi/

Even though it took longer to get it submitted that I wanted it to, it was such a relief to send it in. I had to give myself a lot of grace because our yard sale fundraiser was a lot of work and we were trying to work on the LOI at the same time. Now, we are just waiting to hear if we get approval to adopt the little one we are pursuing. Typically, it takes 2-4 weeks to hear back. Every time my phone rings, or I get an email from our Lifeline worker, I get super nervous/excited.  

Here is the list of what we had to do/gather for our LOI: 

*4×6 photo of our family (this was the easiest part and was a “selfy” we took of ourselves…glad Dave has long arms ) 

*passport photos

*certificate of income (boring financial stuff)

*physical and blood work for both Dave and I

*Parent Information Sheet

*Care and Rehabilitation plan (this was a formal letter we had to write to China stating how we plan to care for our child’s special needs, provide education, and pretty much talk about how great we are 🙂 ) 

*parent information sheet (pretty much more boring financial stuff)

*Clearances for both Dave and I (went to the police department first and found we had to pay $50 and go downtown to get a little sheet of paper that states if we have been in trouble with the law) 

*Special Needs release form 

*Acceptance of referral form 

When they say that there is a lot of paperwork involved in adoption, they are right on! 

During all the LOI and yard sale prep we also celebrated two birthdays! Dave and I both turned the big 3-2. 



Here we are at Dave’s birthday party with the golf cake I made for him. We had a few friends over to help us celebrate 🙂 




Ever since we have been married, I have also surprised Dave with a “doughnut” tower cake cause he loooves doughnuts. Landon definitely takes after his daddy when it comes to douhgnuts. He was not very happy that we had to wait to eat them until after daddy blew out the candles. 





Two peas in a pod…






So, what’s next?! Lots and lots of training materials on China and adoption. Also, we are hoping to start our home study soon. Well, I’m off for now to get some training done before L wakes up from this nap. 


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