Happy 2nd Birthday Landon!


This little guy turned 2 years old today and I couldn’t be more in love….

Dear Landon,

It’s so fitting that your birthday is on Thanksgiving. Oh precious little baby boy, I love you so much and cannot express in words how thankful I am for you. For some reason God chose me to be your mommy and for the past 730 days I have thanked Him for choosing me. On November 28, 2011, I realized, in a tangible way, just how much God loves me. I heard and knew that He loved me because I was his daughter, but becoming a parent has shown me just how real and intense God loves all of His children.

You, silly boy, have learned so much this past year and have become quite a little comedian. I love when you “hide” in open and obvious places and try to scare me, especially when you laugh while doing it. Oh that laugh, your joyful belly laugh… I could listen to it all day long. I love when you start laughing about the most simple things and you can’t stop. Your laugh is contagious as well your “cheesy smile”.

When you are upstairs and are very, very quiet, I know where I can find you: hiding under your crib while sneakily sucking on your paci. You are very smart and make sure to throw it behind your crib in the mornings so you can get to it when mommy isn’t looking (since you know you can only have it when you go “night night”) . Your big brown eyes tell me that you love teasing me about it.

It amazes me how you continue to bring joy to those you meet. I hope you never lose that gift that God has given you and that He will continue to use it for His glory. You meet friends wherever we go. Just the other day I went to the grocery store alone and several of the workers asked me where you were. You already have a way of making people feel special and loved.

Last week you surprised me by saying “thank you” to someone serving us, even before I got the chance to! I am so proud of how polite you are becoming. You made that lady’s face light up. You are quite the charmer 😉

Even when you have tantrums and pull off your pants because you are soooo mad (weird, I know) I still love you. No matter what you do I will always love you, even through the tantrums when you spit and throw yourself onto the floor. Why? Because I am your mommy and God has given me such an important job – to love you, take care of you and most importantly to teach you about Him. I love you sweet boy and pray that one day you will learn just how MUCH God loves all of His children, including you.


Your Mommy


Landon’s B-day doughnut! This is our family tradition…we always get doughnuts on birthday mornings.


Someone really likes the spinkles and icing….


That was yummy (and messy)!


Ready to go play!

Here’s a little video of Landon devouring his bday doughnut:


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