Are you going to change his name?

We have gotten that question a lot and the answer is “yes” and “no”. We are keeping his agency given name but not his Chinese name. We don’t think keeping his Chinese name will be the best thing for him, his teachers and friends since, well, it’s almost impossible to pronounce without some kind of background in studying or speaking Mandarin. It will always be a part of him and we will make sure he knows and cherishes his Chinese culture here at home. The cool thing about where our little guy is right now is that I actually spent a year living in the same city! I have a TON of pictures and stories about living there so I am so excited to share this with him as he grows older. We already have pictures on our wall of his city. I know that this is a little gift from God and I am so excited to share this connection with our littlest one. Sooooo, what’s his name?!…..



Max Eshleman


Since we found Max on the waiting child list back in September we have been calling him “Max” and it just stuck. On the agency list,  the kids are given English names to make it a little easier on people requesting their files. We really like the name and feel like Max is part of our family now and it would be weird to change it. We are not able to share his Chinese name, but we do hope to somehow incorporate it into his middle name. I’m so glad you all know his name now because it was getting difficult trying to write about him without giving it away. “Max and Landon”….I like that sound 😉 


One thought on “Are you going to change his name?

  1. Tricia, that is amazing that you spent a year in the same city!!! What a sweet gift of provision and preparation from The Lord! Right now I find so much comfort in every reminder of his sovereignty, so thank you. Praying for your littlest guy and the rest of your family as well as you continue through his process. Love you!

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