A Super Fun Saturday

Ok, so I must admit that I have wanted to attend Lowe’s “Build and Grow” workshop way before I had a kiddo (maybe also before marriage).

Today, my dream came true and it was so much fun!

Oh yeah, I think Landon and Dave enjoyed it as well 😉

building with mommy

Here we are working on his Valentine card holder. You know what makes this event even better?! It’s completely free.

daddy and landon building

When you walk in, they give you a little hammer and goggles  along with your project kit (Landon LOVED wearing the goggles and really got into hammering those little nails)

mommy and landon building

You have to give back the goggles and hammer, but you get to keep this….

Landon and daddy

An adorable apron that you put badges on. For each project completed you get a little badge. We will most certainly sign up again and fill that apron up with lots of badges!

mommy and landon

Two peas in a pod

I LOVE being the mommy to a little boy, soon to be two little boys! I know, girls can totally do this too and if we have a little girl one day I hope to share my love for power tools and home improvement stores with her.

It’s just so precious to see him doing little boy things…flying his planes, crashing his cars, or getting super excited about working with tools.

Did you know that there are so many more boys than girls that are waiting for families of their own? Not just in China, but in the US and other countries.

Before we started adopting, I had no idea that more people prefer adopting girls. Dave and I went into adoption with the perspective that we don’t choose the sex when we are pregnant so why do that with adoption.

 (Honestly, when we decided to adopt from China I started to write letters to “my little girl” because we just assumed if we were adopting from China, it would be a girl.)

When we started to look through the list of kids with Special Needs waiting to be adopted, it was obvious that most were boys. If a little boy is abandoned in China, it is usually because he has some sort of “special need”, so it makes sense that more would be on the waiting child list. What I didn’t realize is that most of the girls get picked first. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something to keep in mind when going into adoption. There are lots of little boys in China who need families too.

And we can’t wait for Max and Landon to learn how to use a hammer and nails together!


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