A trip to the Post Office

We have had a lot of those lately – trips to the Post Office. Between shipping things for my business, Darlin’ Designs, and mailing off adoption documents, it has been a place we frequent a lot. Today, though, we shipped something a little more exciting – our dossier documents! Well, I guess it isn’t too exciting because our dossier isn’t actually being sent to China yet. But, hey, every little step counts and mailing all those 13 documents to our social worker means we are just a little closer. Image

Did I mention that Landon likes to get all crazy up in the in Post Office? Oh my, he sure does 😉 Image

In our dossier documents, we also had to include 8-10 pictures of our family. This part was actually fun!

When I got the pictures developed for our dossier, I also got a few developed of Max to put up on our fridge. When I first put them up, I put them too high for Landon to see sooo….


they are now at his eye level. It was the sweetest thing ever – he kept reaching for them and saying “Macks, Macks” and once I moved them down he started talking about Max’s eyes and shoes. Max is the “wallpaper” on my computer and whenever he sees him he gets so excited!

Just the other day we were sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast and having a little conversation when out of nowhere he told me “daddy at work. Macks in China” Image

Oh yeah, the best part of our little chat was when I asked him “where is mommy?” and he replied “mommy pretty”. 

Melt. My. Heart. 





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