We have some big news in the Eshleman household – we are officially Dossier To China today!! More than likely, if you are in the adoption community, you know what this means. For those of you who are like “what in the world are all these acronyms she writes about”, it is a pretty important step to bringing your little one home!

 dtc collage

Yep, we’re just a tad bit excited!!!

Our dossier (pronounced ―doss-ee-ay) is collection of approximately 13 documents submitted to the CCCWA for permission to adopt a child from China. It contains everything that we have been working on for the last 7 months to get Max home, including a lot of sweat, tears and a ton of prayers. Your DTC (Dossier To China) is the date that your dossier is sent to China. China now has an electronic system set up to send these, but we also have to snail mail the hard copy to them as well. There are quite a few more steps to take before we get to bring our little one home, but it is looking like we will have him in our arms within 4-6 months!

4-6 months means that we will add another birthday AND a gotcha day into the mix of our Fall celebrations. From late September to November we celebrate Dave’s birthday, Max’s birthday, Max’s gotcha, my birthday, Landon’s birthday and Daisy’s birthday. It goes to show we don’t make the plans around here! All I can say is that Max will be a pretty special birthday present for all of us; definitely one we will remember. Another interesting fact is that Max was actually found and taken to his orphanage on my birthday in 2012. This makes me sad, but happy, all at the same time. Oh, the many paradoxes of adoption….

The next step? We wait for our LID (Log In Date) and we get to ask for an update on Max! We should have this in the next couple of weeks.

Please continue to pray for Max to be loved by his care takers until we can become his permanent family. Sometimes I let my mind drift to the worst of situations in institutional care. I have lived in China and have seen the hard places, but I have also seen the beauty and kindness of the people there. God cares for the orphans and I pray daily that He will use someone, on the other side of the world, to love on my boy.

We love you Max!!


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