Log In Date



We met another milestone today on the road to Max – our LID (Log In Date)! Our Social Worker told us it takes about 3-4 weeks after our dossier is sent to China for LID, so we were pretty excited to only wait 8 days! This means that our dossier has arrived in China and is logged into the system.

What now? We wait for our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from China to approve us to adopt. This can take 2-4 months and is the wait that everyone says in the longest. If we were waiting to be matched with a child, we would begin that process now. Since we already know we are adopting Max we skip “matching” and move on to the LOA wait. Yes, I know this wait will be long, but 2-4 months seems quick compared to the past 7 months that we have been waiting; although I may not be saying that a few weeks from now! 






No, Landon, this is baseball, not golf 😉 

I think another boy is going to fit in perfectly around here!



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