Quiet Books

Although this post isn’t adoption related, I think you’ll like it! Since February I (along with several friends) have been working on something called a “Quiet Book”. So, what is a “Quiet Book”? I’ll let the pictures explain it 🙂


These are the covers I made for my two books. Originally, I was only going to make one but the pages ended up being so thick, and since Max and Landon will be so close in age, I thought it would be best to make two!  Anywho, here are the pages that I can swap out between the two different books…


I made the trains! See those wheels?!  I had to cut out and sew on 200 of them. We all sewed a total of 20 pages and swapped them so we would have a variety of pages. This was not an easy project, but I love the finished product and I hope it will be something my boys will treasure for many years to come.


My friend Bethany is the who who organized all of this!  She also hosted a get together back in March to swap the pages we made so we would all have a book. We made the cover on our own and I wish I could tell you how I did it, but I totally winged it with a few tips from Bethany.   I am happy to say I have FINALLY checked the Quiet Books off of my To Do list and the sewing machine is now off our dining room table (and tucked nicely up in the guest room closet for a long, long time 🙂 ).


3 thoughts on “Quiet Books

  1. These are great, but one question. Do the things just stick because they’re felt on felt? b/c velcro is NOT quiet. ha! or is there some other magical sticking contraption that is quiet? It’s definitely a great community project because I was imagining all the work put into making that entire thing… overwhelming! it looks awesome! Your boys are going to love them.

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