Max has GROWN!

Remember these pics?




These are the only pictures we have had of our little Max since September. This is how I was picturing him until I checked my email this morning and found these….


习国平 (1)

Yep, that’s our Max!! He sure has grown a lot in the last year.

As soon as we received out LID we were able to ask the orphanage 5 questions about Max. If we wanted to receive pictures and a video we had to use 2 of the questions to request those. We didn’t receive a video, but were so excited about the pictures that was a ok with us!  You are never guaranteed an update at this time so we’ll take what we can get! Here are the following questions and responses we received:

1.Can we have updated pictures of ______? See attachments, pls.

2.Can we have a video of _______? Sorry.

3.How would you describe _______’s personalityHe is very active and outgoing in a familiar environment.  However, he is kind of shy in front of strangers.

4.How does ________ communicate with his nannies? As his foster mother really knows him, he can show her what he wants by expression, body language.

5.Does ________ take any medicine? No.


I don’t know if you caught this, but take a look at the response to question number 4. Max’s foster mother is his care taker, meaning Max is most likely in a foster home! This is amazing news. In China, most orphans are cared for in institutions, although foster care is growing. This means that Max is receiving care in a home and isn’t left in his crib all day to fend for himself. Not only is this beneficial for his development now, it also means more than likely he will  have an easier time attaching to us. Attachment won’t happen over night, and it might be harder in the beginning since he has formed an attachment to one person vs. many nannies, but studies have shown that it is easier when a child has been in foster care.

As I have mentioned on here before, I pray everyday for God to send someone to be His hands and feet in Max’s life. To take care of him and love him like Jesus does. I truly believe God is answering this prayer and is using Max’s foster mother to do just that. What a praise that our little boy is being taken care of by a special lady on the other side of the world. I hope and pray that we will be able to meet her!

I found the answer about Max being shy in front of new people quite funny! Why? Cause his older brother is no where near being shy in front of new people – he has never met a stranger. Maybe Landon and Max will balance each other out!

Oh yeah, how do you like Max’s stylin’ outfit? It looks like Dave is already dressing him! 😉


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