“Max Sit Here”

I hear that phrase a lot lately, “Max sit here.” It’s precious. Every time we get a cart (you know – one of those massive, gonna run you over, don’t-accidentally-run- into -the- wine shelf carts), Landon points to the empty seat next to him and excitedly states “Max sit here!!”  When I bought this table the other week from a yard sale ($3 bucks!!) the first thing Landon did was point to the other chair and said“Max”.


I write about this because not only does it melt my heart, but because one of the top questions we get from people is “Does Landon understand that Max will be his brother?” 

Now, I think the answer to that question is “yes”. He is starting to understand that some of his friends have siblings and that Max will be able to sleep in his room like his friend’s siblings do. He even found a blanket just for Max.

I LOVE it that he is grasping it, but it makes me quite emotional at times. It’s no fun when you run into a friend at the grocery store with no make up on, sweaty clothes and eyes that are tearing up because your son is saving a seat for his brother on the other side of the world.

On another note, we are officially OOT! This stands for Out of Translation. Basically, our dossier has been translated and is being reviewed. Trying to figure out when we will travel has been making my head spin a little. It’s overwhelming that we will be taking such a big trip and making a BIG change in our family and really don’t know the exact date when all this will happen. Thankful that God is in control!


I am also so very excited to share with you a picture of the little package we are sending to Max and his foster mom! Image

Is that so cool?! There is a woman who is lives in China (a guide who works with our agency, Lifeline) and she has set up a care package delivery service. Basically, she has a list of everything that she will buy in country and she will ship it to your child. We chose to purchase a soft covered picture album and emailed her 6 pictures of our family that said things like “This is your brother Landon who can’t wait to play with you”,etc. She translated what we wanted written on each picture and sent the album to his orphanage/foster home. Here is one of the email responses I received after placing our order:

Hi   Tricia

i called the orphanage today ,he is in the foster family ,once every one week ,the orphanage staff will 
come to see him,they will take the package to him when they come ,i already send the  bill to you ,please let’s me know 
if you did not get it .
please let’s me know if you need any help
thank you very much 
I don’t know why, but this made me feel so close to Max! It made my heart so happy to hear that he is for sure in a foster home. We also sent his foster mother a jade and pearl bracelet. They should be getting the package in the next few days!
Also, if you haven’t already heard about our puzzle fundraiser, check it out here:
So far, we have had 11 pieces purchased!

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