Puzzle Fundraiser Update






Yep, that is the verse I have written in our kitchen. The bright yellow frame is perfect for it because I often need it to capture my attention these days! I have to remind myself daily that God’s timing is so much better than my own. We are on day 49 of our LOA wait. LOA waits can take anywhere from 60-90 days (some less, some more). LOA is our Letter Of Acceptance from China saying that we are approved to adopt Max. After we receive it, we should be able to travel in 7-12 weeks to bring Max home. What makes the LOA wait so difficult is that there really is no way to tell how long it will actually be. And what does this force me to do? Trust wholeheartedly in God’s perfect timing to bring Max home when He so desires. Adoption truly forces you let go of any control issues you might have 😉 I can truly say that the lessons God teaches me daily through this adoption journey make it even more clear that this is the path He has called us to walk. 

 In other news, we are now a little over half way to completing our puzzle! Our dining room table has turned into the puzzle table for now…


My best friend Karoline spend a few weeks with us (before moving with her hubby to Wilmington) and helped us get the puzzle started. You can now get an idea of what the picture is. Is anyone out there able to tell me what the chalkboards say?!

Currently, we have put together all the purchased pieces so we still need your help to complete it! 271 pieces have been purchased so we only have 229 more to go! Will you consider purchasing a piece for just $10 to help bring our little guy home? If so, it is super easy to purchase one through our tax-deductible AdoptTogether account:


If you don’t feel comfortable giving online let me know and we can set something else up. 

Thank you so much to all those who have already bought a piece (s). It truly mean so much to us and Max! 




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