An Exciting Delivery

FEDEX truck

Yep, that’s me!! And yes, I did ask the super friendly FedEx guy to take a picture of me in front of his truck. I am sad I didn’t think of asking him to take a “selfie” with me. What makes this barefoot picture of me even more funny, was the two year running outside in his Thomas underwear, a paci in his mouth and a blanket on his head shouting “he’s here, he’s here”. Oh, Max, you have a crazy family! Here is our little Landon waiting for the FedEx guy this morning. I knew it was coming so I told him to keep an eye out for the “package man”.


If you haven’t guessed already, our long-awaited LOA is in that package!! After waiting 84 days for it, I am so excited and relieved to have it in our hands! The next step? Both Dave and I need to sign it overnight it to our agency so they can send in our I800 paperwork to immigration! We have to send the LOA, I800 paperwork, a signed copy of Max’s 30 page profile, copies of our passports, our I800a approval and a signed care plan we wrote up for Max. We can also go ahead and apply for our visas! This is getting real folks.

01377068753f127abe493bfea6fb9b3397bdf7b8feYesterday, we heard from our agency that they had received out LOA and Dave brought home this rose for me….so sweet. I love you Dave.


01320aac6439cab7f5b1534c67c1c51fbe505ea147Big brother Landon is pretty excited about the delivery too! The little goober always has his blanket on his head. Sweet boy. I can.not.wait. to love on that little brother of his!!


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