T-shirt Fundraiser

Ya’ll – we only have $1,577 left until to raise until we can say we are “fully funded”! We went into this journey with finances being one of our major concerns. As I shared here , finances have always been something I struggle to relinquish control of. God has been faithful and has already provided most of the money that we need to become Max’s family! Here is the breakdown of how God has provided: 

Personal Savings: $2,338


Selling on Craigslist/Facebook: $1,184

Yard Sales (2): $2,073.87

Selling at Consignment stores: $250

Cash/check donations before we started our Adopt Together account: $3,135

Adopt Together donations: $12,295

Wine and Design: $210

Facebook Auction: $883

Thirty One Party: $97

Puzzle: $5,000

Total: $28,423.07

How awesome is that?! Even though we are almost there, we still have $1,577 to reach our $30,000 goal. A lot of people have asked me where all of this money goes and I PROMISE it is being used. We hope to travel in about a month so our plane tickets will be the next big purchase! I have tried to keep our adoption timeline updated with the fees we have paid so far, so feel free to check that out for more details. 

So, what’s next? our amazing friend, Raeanne, has offered to organize a t-shirt fundraiser for us! We would love for you to purchase one to help bring in the last funds we need to get Max home. With some help of friends, we designed the following shirts for you to choose from: 

T-shirt Examples - Turquoise (2)

Tshirt heather gray blog

navy tshirt blog

If you can’t read the verse in the pictures, it is Joshua 1:9 (my all time favorite verse!). On the front, there are 2 hearts connecting Raleigh, NC to Kunming, China – two very special places in our lives! I can’t wait to share my love for Kunming with Max and tell him about where he was born and lived the first two years of his life. 

We will be taking orders until September 1st, so act quick! All shirts are $15 or $20 shipped.

Here’s how to place your order: 

Email the following information to Raeanne at raeanne.johnson@gmail.com

1. Name and address if your shirt is being shipped

2. Color (Turquoise, Heather Gray or Navy) and size (Adult S-XL or Youth S-L)


You may either pay on our Tax Deductible Adopt Together account and let Raeanne know you did so when you email her OR you may pay with cash or a check written out to Raeanne Johnson. When you email her just let her know you need her address to do so! 

Can’t wait to see you wearing this stylin’ shirt this Fall! 



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