You know you are adopting from China when….

You register for a Rice Cooker and get one.

This past weekend our awesome Life Class (aka Sunday school) from church threw us a “Celebrating Max” shower. My friend Raeanne hosted it and it was so much fun to hang out with the girls and celebrate the soon-to-be-here new addition to our family. I LOVED the “Around the World” theme, which allowed for a variety of yummy food options!




These prayer magnets were the sweetest idea. If you think about it, pray that God will be preparing sweet Max to meet his new family. He has only known the orphanage and his foster mother…and probably has never seen a funny looking American before (I’m talking about Dave here, hehe 😉 ). Combine that with hearing loss and over-stimulation in a world he has never set foot in and that is a formula for one scared little boy. Please pray that God will comfort him in a BIG way.


We also made alphabet book. Can’t wait to put it all together! I am sure Max and Landon will love it.



IMG_0047.JPGAnd here we


This isn’t everyone who was there because I didn’t get a picture until too late. Thank you to everyone who came,we feel very loved!

Raeanne, thank you for opening up your home and doing so much work to make it a special day! Your thoughtfulness is such a sweet gift!


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