Ups and Downs

When we began this journey of adoption a year ago, we knew it would be messy. We knew there would be ups and downs. We knew there was no definite timeline. We knew our hearts would get hurt along the way. We knew we didn’t have the money. We knew all of these things, but they didn’t stop us from following what God laid on our hearts. 

Did we still pursue adoption because we are some kind of “heroes” trying to save a child?? No. We pursued this crazy, messy road called adoption because it’s NOT about us. 

It’s about a little boy in China who need a family. A little boy who needs a forever mommy to tuck him in at night. A little boy who needs a daddy to wrestle with him. A little boy who has waited far too long to see good doctors….doctors who might be able to help him hear one day. 

I am writing this to REMIND myself that when I want to give up, it’s not about me. 

The last few days have had a lot of ups and downs. On Tuesday we received the news that we had soft Travel Approval and thought we may be able to travel as soon as next week! Unfortunately, our hard copy TA did not arrive to our agency this week and they could not make the Consulate Appointment (the last thing we need) without it. The next available CA is not until the week of October 20th. 

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had my heart set on traveling this month. I wanted to be with Max on his 2nd birthday (Sept. 26th) and I wanted to beat the holidays in China that would postpone our travel for yet another month. And as I whine, and cry and complain, I am reminded once again that this adoption is not about me.

It’s about a little boy…..

and a BIG God. 



One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. Beautiful, Tricia!! This is a great reminder to me that this is not about us and that our God is big and this process is completely under his control. Thank you for sharing! I’m thankful for you!

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