Now it’s my turn….

So the time has come for me to finally post on our blog. Trish has done an amazing job putting this together and I am so proud of her. Two words summed up our trip to China…I’m tired. The 26 hour trip was quite exhausting but well worth the journey. Once we got to our hotel the first thing we wanted to do was not sleep but take showers. I felt bad for all of the Chinese people that had to be around us, yikes!! As Landon would say with mommies help, “daddy you stinky”. Oh how we miss our little boy so much but know he is in good hands!

We finally got to bed around 2:00am and I got up around 9am. Trish was already up for 30mins or so posting on the blog. We got ready and went down to breakfast where we met another couple, Jim and Lisa who are adopting from Kunming too.

After breakfast we met our guide Paul and did some touristy things around Kunming. We had the chance to go to a lot of places Trish went to when she was in China for a year learning Mandarin. It was exciting to visit these places as these are dear to her heart. It also gives me a small glimpse of what it must have been like while she was here.






I must say that some of my favorite things about today were the people. Everywhere we went they wanted to get my autograph….they thought that I was apart of the BackStreet Boys. I almost had to break out in a song…okay, so that’s not true however we did receive lots of smiles and looks. Especially Trish with her “robot boot”. It was quite comical. We came across some kids along a sidewalk that were playing and they jumped up pointing and smiling at us. They were saying “hello” and “bye” it was really fun to see their excitement.

I am really enjoying the culture. There are so many people in Kunming (approx 4 million) and it’s been really fun being the minority. I’m saying small phrases in Mandarin, such as Ni Hao (which means hello) and Xie Xie (which means thank you). It’s amazing how difficult this language is….but I really like seeing the Chinese Characters all over the place. I just wished I knew what they all said.

Well, coming to China has given me quite an appreciation for their authentic Chinese food!! Sorry Pei Wei, PF Changs, local Chinese store down the street that should be shut down….”real” Chinese food is amazingly good!! Now I’m sure you’re wondering or asking yourself….dave don’t tell me you like the weird stuff like chicken head, congeilled blood, etc. Well, I can’t tell you I like those delicacies (sidenote: I have not tried those….yet) but I have tried cow stomach, chicken tendon from the foot…or was it cow tendon. hmm, I can’t remember either way I wasn’t much of a fan however the rest of the food so far has been really good. Below are some pictures from lunch and dinner our first day eating out.


Here is a group photo from dinner:


Let’s just say…dinner was unbelievably terrrrific!! It was soooo good. There were so many platters of food on a turn table that you could just move around between everyone at the table. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius!

Well after dinner we walked around a little more and then headed back to the hotel to crash. We are super tired but even more thrilled that we will be meeting Max TOMORROW!!!!!!!! How cool is that?!?!? Landon is going to have a lil brother!

Ya’ll it’s getting really late and I should be getting to bed now but I have to finish this post with one last thought…..God is so BIG. It’s a theme that Trish and I have been talking about the past month or so through this adoption journey. Many do not know that at first I wasn’t so sure about adopting a child with special needs. I just thought of how are we going to be able to provide for this little one…will we have the money and resources? Well, my amazing wife is so patient, understanding and godly. She told me something that I pray I will never forget. It went something like, “There are a lot of orphans in the world both “healthy” and not. Many children that are adopted are healthy but I feel God is calling us to adopt a child with special needs because God loves these little ones JUST AS MUCH as the healthy ones.” So I asked her that she would pray for The Lord to change my heart as did I….and well He did. I looked past the unknowns of financial costs, worry over family dynamics, the hardships that we “might” have, etc…

Just like God’s love for us. He loves each and everyone of us. No matter our skin color, nationality, ethnicity, healthy, etc. It is truly amazing that God would show His love for us by sending Jesus Christ to die on a cross to save us from our sins. That is why we chose to adopt. Not only to show love on a child and bring him or her into our home but also to show symbolically how God has adopted us into His family because of Christ’s work on the cross for those who believe. What a perfect example! There is nothing we have done to merit or earn God’s love or favor toward us just like Max has not done anything for us to love him. We chose him because we wanted him…just like God chose us because He wants us.

Well, tomorrow is the BIG day….time to try to get some sleep!!


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