Expect the unexpected….Dave’s experience

So after talking to Trish I decided to post my experience and perspective of Gotcha day. The day started off early as neither Trish or I could sleep. After breakfast and getting our bags ready to meet Max we went out walking around Kunming and got lunch at place called Salvador’s – it was very cool. I would compare it to a Starbucks atmosphere but better.

Then we headed back to the hotel to clean-up and meet Paul (our guide). It took us about 30mins to get to the building where we would meet our precious lil son. We were so excited, like the day Landon was born. Trish and I walked into one room, following Paul, but Max was not there so we were taken to a second room where he was waiting for us.


As soon as we saw him our hearts just were torn. He looked so sad and afraid. I cannot imagine the emotions that must have been running through his mind. Trish went to hold him but he turned away and started crying……so heartbreaking for us to see him and know he didn’t know what was going on. Pretty much right after that I was taken away to a table near by to begin signing and completing a bit of paperwork…..

I had read and seen videos of different Gotcha Day experiences. The training and preparation that we went through told us not to have high expectations but I didn’t expect this. It was really hard for me because all I wanted to do was begin bonding with Max with Trish but couldn’t. It didn’t make sense to me after just taking what seemed like a glimpse of Max I had to go do paperwork. It felt very rushed and just not part of the Gotcha Day experience I prepared myself for. I was expecting to be with Trish and Max, not off doing paperwork 😦

After all the paperwork for that day was signed/fingerprinted we left to go to Walmart and pick up a bottle, formula and some more socks (for Max, not Tricia ;)) Let me tell you, this Walmart was off the chain!! It had at least 3 floors from the ones we were on and lots and lots of people. Trish and I received lots of stares, some smiles and some not so nice due to having Max. It made us really sad.

Then we went back to our hotel and played with Max. It was really exciting to finally be able to see Max and his little personality. Trish and Max were bonding so well and I could tell that he was attaching to her really well!! This was a huge praise. BUT it was also very hard for me. We were not really bonding….he did not want me to pick him up and hold him. Max would begin to cry if I tried so I stopped trying.


So….instead we began to play with a few toys we brought. Some of which were and still are Landon's….haha, but he will be learning how to share soon enough 🙂 However, right before we went to dinner Max let me get close to him to give him a hug….totally made all that I had been through ALL day worth it!!!!!

Trish and I decided to go back to the same place we went the night before with Paul, Jim and Lisa. It was so much fun and tasty 🙂 By the way, I have been using chopsticks every chance I get and am getting much better. At the end of this trip I should be good enough to catch a fly with them on my first try!! MAYBE 🙂 After dinner we headed back to the hotel for Max's bedtime. Trish got him ready and was holding onto him and cuddling. I came and sat down next to them. I prayed for us and while I was praying he grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer to him…..PRICELESS!!





God is sooo BIG!!! Although there are times we have disappointments He reminds us that we need to completely TRUST Him. He is a sovereign God who wants us to come to Him with everything in our lives….the big and the small. How AWESOME is that?!?! That He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him….that’s where we will find our ultimate satisfaction. It is for our good and His glory!

Trish and I cannot wait to see Landon meet Max and Max meet Landon via Facetime 🙂 Hopefully coming soon!


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