Gettin’ to know Max

We have learned so much about Max in just the few short days we have had him in our arms. I feel like each day we are learning more and more about him….from his dislikes to his very playful personality!


For example, the first day I was so overwhelmed and TIRED. I felt like the jet lag didn’t catch up to my until after gotcha day, which is not necessarily good. This has led to tears and a lot of stress. Even though I didn’t give birth to Max, at times, I feel a lot like I did after having Landon: overwhelmed. Each day has gotten a little better though and we are slowly “learning” each other. This is the little sheet the orphanage gave us on gotcha day…


Yeah, that is pretty much all we had to go on, and since he was only at the orphanage for 3 days before we got him, this probably isn’t all that accurate. Right after we picked up Max, our guide took us to the Walmart to get some formula and rice cereal….the same Walmart I shopped at several times before šŸ™‚ Here are the instructions for the formula:


Try reading THAT! Ya’ll I can barely remember any of the Chinese characters and our guide didn’t understand me when I asked how to make it. By the second day I figured out how he likes it and he has downed quite a few bottles since then. It is strange to me that Max still drinks a bottle with formula,even though he is almost two, but hey he also likes it STEAMING hot! Do I test the temp. on my wrist? Uh, no, I don’t want to get burned.

Let me tell you, this boy can DOWN some food, especially rice. It is so funny to me because he eats his rice just like all Chinese – really fast and with the bowl close to his mouth. He also does an awesome Asian squat. You can tell this boy is 100% Chinese and I LOVE it!



Sleep has been difficult and easy. Easy, because once he is out,he is OUT. Because his hearing is very limited, Dave and I don’t have to be quiet when he is sleeping. I think this is also what helps him to sleep so soundly. The first day he went to sleep so easily. I just put him in the crib and he didn’t make a peep…just fell right to sleep for a good 10ish hours. Yeah, that totally gave us the wrong idea and we did not expect how difficult it is now to get him to go to sleep. Our little guy has a TON of energy and I think he has a lot of sensory overload right now. Combine that with being an almost 2 year old, being stuck in a small hotel room, not being able to understand mommy and daddy and it is a recipe for a few tantrums at bedtime. Because we are still attaching, it is best to not leave him in his crib crying until he falls asleep. Dave and I have been putting him in the middle of our bed and just letting him flail his arms, kick his legs, and scream until he gets so tired he falls asleep. We try to rub his arms and head to soothe him. This probably lasts about 10-20 minutes and then in a matter of a few seconds he is OUT. It is crazy how fast he can go from being so upset to falling into a deep sleep. This really has been one of the most difficult times. Other than being made to go to sleep, he is so happy and smiles a ton!!

When he first smiled at us, I thought he was about to cry because his bottom lip sticks out and he gets this mad look but breaks out into a smile/laugh. It is the cutest!


So far, his favorite time of the day is bath time! He absolutely loves it. He was even trying to get in with his clothes on the other day. He must have watched his foster mom clean a lot because he always takes rags or tissues and pretends to clean – he spent a lot of time in the tub “cleaning” it. He has also “folded” clothes with me and likes to pretend to make food with this eating utensils. All of these are good signs that he has had a lot of interaction! I even caught him today turning on the tv and switching the channels! He was watching it like he understood everything going on.

As you can tell, he imitates us a lot. The day after we got Max,we had to go back to the gotcha day location to sign papers saying we will adopt Max. We were pointing and talking and so he decided to do the same. It makes sense,the documents were about him! He started babbling and pointing like he knew everything about what we were doing.


Even though he cannot talk, he sure knows a lot about the world.As far as I can tell, he is not behind developmentally and is very smart. Just yesterday we were getting ready to leave the room and he went to go and get the Ergo baby carrier for me to take with us!

He can actually hear really loud noises. If we say his Chinese name, which is Xi Guo Ping, really loudly he will turn towards us. He also gets excited when he hears loud music/sounds. We think this is a really good sign for him being a candidate for the hearing aid he might get!

We are getting ready to leave Kunming, which is now a special city to our whole family! We head to Guangzhou for a little over a week before we can come home.Stay tuned for a post about the orphanage visit!




2 thoughts on “Gettin’ to know Max

  1. I am writing this through tears of joy for all of you. He is beautiful! And the joy just shines out of both your faces. How blessed you all are! Can’t wait for you all to be back home and for Max to meet his big brother. Give Max an extra hug from us — we are sending love, hugs and prayers from NY! xoxoxox

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