Missing Home

I have never been the type of person to get “homesick” but as I have gotten older things have changed. I miss home and miss Landon like crazy! We have three more nights on the other side of the world and 30ish hours of travel and we will get to hug and kiss our big boy again! We cannot wait to be united with our family of four.

In an ideal world, I would have blogged every night here (that’s what I planned on at least). I am going to try to catch up on the the last few days in one post, but that might be a little difficult cause we have been busy !

We arrived in Guangzhou late Friday night after a very difficult 2 hour flight here. Max did not do well on the flight here so we have been praying daily that he will do much better on the flight home. Please join us in praying for him to be relaxed and to SLEEP a lot. He doesn’t like to be confined in small spaces and saying he is squirmy is an understatement. Here are some of the adjectives the Chinese have used to describe his personality so far: “he like tiger”, “how you say…he excitable”, “he has much spirit”, “he expressive”. We are thankful for his spunky personality as it has helped him fight to survive.

Early Saturday morning we had to take Max to a clinic where his visa picture was taken and he was given a medical check.


They did basic things, like weigh him and check his temperature. The ENT doctor had two squeaky toys that he used to see if Max could hear anything. Each time he squeezed them Max turned his head in their direction! He cannot hear us when we talk in normal tones, but he does respond to us when we yell his name very loud as well as to high pitched noises. Put it this way, we have become a rather loud family .

On Sunday we went to the Pearl and Jade Market as well as the Chen Clan Academy. Basically, it was a beautiful old school that holds a lot of Chinese history and Folk Art. A fun place for a 2 year old?! Not so much haha.


Yeah, we pretty much broke all of the above rules 😉




I love those sweet pictures of Max and Dave. Max has still not allowed Dave to hold him or care for him, but we see little glimpses of Max attaching to Dave. Max loves to “pretend read” and here is he reading some pamphlet to daddy. It is so funny, he will find anything and take his little finger and underline all of the words (English and Mandarin) and act as though he is reading.

On Tuesday, we went to the Zoo! Max LOVED the Zoo – he even threw his empty cookie wrapper in the Panda Bear exhibit. Let’s just say, the Zoo here wouldn’t be open in the US 😉 I seriously thought the brown bear might jump the fence, it sure was low enough. Oh yeah, and apparently raccoons are cool enough here to have their own exhibit.





Max was seriously so cute about he exhibits. Every time we went up a cage, his whole body would tense up and he would start laughing and pointing. Sometimes the animal would be hiding (or maybe even dead?!) and he would still get excited! It was so sweet. I have a feeling we may be making a trip to the Zoo at home pretty soon.


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