Happy 2nd Birthday, Max!

Dear Max,

My heart is so happy that I get to be with you on your 2nd birthday! I know that I am not the only mother that is thinking of you on this day. I don’t know where your first mother is, but I do know that I will be forever grateful to her for giving life to you. You, my little tiger, are a precious gift from her to me. We have much to learn about each other, but I already know that you are strong and brilliant! You are joyful and light up a room when you walk in, waving and smiling so big. The first day you were put in our arms, we were told you were “shy”. Since then, we have learned that is far from the truth!


I know the transition into our family will not be easy for you…why would it? Children your age should not have to go through so many transitions and so many caretakers. I promise to do my best to offer you the security that you need and to hold your hand as you navigate yet another new home. I pray that you will soon learn that your daddy desires the same for you. I pray that you will see him and ultimately see a reflection of who God is and how He pursues us no matter how many times we try to push him away.


I already see that God designed you to be a fighter. I pray that He will use that strong personality to help you continue to overcome mountains that stand in your way. I can already tell that you want to talk, that you want to hear what those around you are saying. I hope and pray that God works a miracle in your life and that you are able to one day.


You are a survivor. There are things about your early life that I will never be able to tell you, but I do know this, you were prayed for daily from the time we saw your sweet face until now. You have already overcome so much in your short life and I know God sent many people to take care of you until we could become your parents.


I can personally say that I am a better person since knowing you. God is humbling me and showing me this life is not just about me, but about a much bigger story.


Max, I love you so much and I hope that one day you will discover an even greater love – the love of Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday son!





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