Family of Four

I’m not gonna lie, the trip home was a mix between excitement and anxiety. I so wanted to be home to be with Landon – it felt so weird being away from him for 19 days (I now have a new respect and sympathy for people who are in the military and have to be away from their family) and we were ready to be a family of four in our own home. Living out of a suitcase and in a hotel room was getting old and we were ready to have Max in a place where he could run around and be a two year old. BUT, the anxiety about traveling for 30 some hours with a two year old was there too. Max is a bundle full of energy and had already let us know on a  previous flight he was not a big fan of flying. So, through lots of prayer and encouragement from friends, we pushed through and made it home!


Was the flight easy? No. Did Max sleep? Not really, just about 2-3 hours. Did God give me an extra bit of patience and peace to get through it? YES. There were some tantrums, but for the most part we let him just be his silly little self, throw lots of food on the floor and bang the tv screen on the seat in front of him. Yep, we were those parents, don’t judge. Some of the best advice I received: you are never going to see the people you’re on the plane with again.  Did every ounce of my people pleasing self want to get up and apologize to everyone around us and try to make Max sit quietly beside us? Yes. But I didn’t. I knew I had to let it go and let God get us through it. He did, and somehow through it, I think some people were blessed by our little tiger…like the elderly lady he led hands will on the last flight home or the people he played peek a boo with during layovers.




And the best part? Those 30 some hours got us home to Landon and some pretty amazing friends!


Yep, you can tell we are pretty exhausted here. But look at the excitement in this little guy’s face when he got to hold his big brother’s hand for the first time…


Yeah, he thinks Landon is pretty cool.

Check out this video. I think it says it all!


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