Because the beauty makes it so worth it ya’ll

The last three weeks have flown by. I have been wanting to sit down and write because our adoption journey doesn’t end here – it is just the beginning of us falling more in love with our Max.

Max hat

Look at that sweet face! Sometimes I can’t get over how beautiful he is. I love all of his funny facial expressions and how he imitates all of us – mom, dad and big brother.


You know, when you look at adoption pictures on Facebook and read adoption blogs it is easy to forget how messy and hard adoption is and to only see the “happy ending” after that heartwarming gotcha/family/adoption day ….

I think this is one of the reasons I have had a difficult time sitting down to write – I didn’t know what to write! During the difficult moments I wanted to sit down and share our struggles, but I just couldn’t get the words out. I wanted to write about the hard times to be transparent. Why? because I often compare myself to others and look through blurred lens at other’s live, seeing on the perfect side, and I don’t want anyone to do that with our family. I remember being in China with Max and comparing how easy and well behaved everyone’s newly adopted children were. {Max, on the other hand, was far from quietly sleeping in my Ergo baby carrier!} And when I would sit down to write about the difficulties, I was reminded of all the fear I had from reading about the hard stories and how at times it made me question if we were making the right decision to pursue adoption (it’s scary to think I even had those thoughts I can’t imagine not having Max in our family just because I read about some random person’s bad experience!!).

 I want people to read this blog and know that we are far from perfect and our life is messy – full of hardships and headaches. I also want people to read our story, and despite the messiness, see the beauty hidden underneath!

Because the beauty makes it so worth it ya’ll.

{so if you are scared to adopt, but feel the calling, don’t let the difficulties stop you, they will only make it so much sweeter}

All that to say, this blog isn’t just about the hardships, or just about the happy pictures you see – it’s about both because I believe the most miraculous beauty is that which comes from hardships.

And this little boy?

Max rain jacket blog

HE is worth it all!

So, what have we been up to lately? Mainly breaking up fights and trying to parent double two year olds. It’s been draining at times, but we are starting to see some improvement!  I am thankful for an iPhone because I have a camera ready to capture those rare, getting-a-long moments. Like when they ride their bicycles together..

baloons and bicycles

See those cute balloons? Our sweet neighbor, Claudia, brought them to us. She also took the time to clean our messy house for us while we were in China. Let me tell you, it was SO nice to come home to a clean house! We have grown to love their family and are so thankful for kind neighbors.

bicycles winter bootsAnd…. Max has no fear! He will roll down the street on that bicycle like it’s a Harley!

Here they are experiencing their first snack time together. I think this was the first full day home. The looks on their faces both read something like “who is that kid on my territory?!”


We have celebrated daddy’s birthday with his donut cake tradition! And no, he didn’t turn “0” I just couldn’t find any candles in the midst of jet lag…


And here we are celebrating my birthday…

mommys birthday blog

And we have experienced a ton of playground trips and even went to the State Fair as a family of four!

Max Fair blog stroller

Haha – Max’s facial expression reveals how he felt about the fair. I don’t think he liked that he wasn’t tall enough to ride the rides. Landon on the other hand LOVED riding his first roller coaster

Max fair blog daddy line fair happy one month playing at the park

And we have been spending a lot of time at home too…for the first week as least!

funny faces blog getting into mischief messy food

We have learned that “cocooning” (staying at home for about 6ish weeks so your child will connect with you) is individualized. Some kids need it for attachment and some don’t. In the case for Max, he is very attached to us and is a very social little fella. We haven’t traveled overnight yet and have only recently left him in the nursery at church alone (after staying with him for the majority of the time).  I believe every child, adopted or not, is different. For Max, and mommy, doing full blown cocooning wouldn’t be the best situation.

So, all in all, we are  slowly getting into the swing of things as a family of four. From people asking how they can pray to us, friends taking Landon out on “dates” and others providing meals for us, we have felt very loved and are so grateful for everyone’s support!


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