Those life changing moments

y’all, I LOVE talking about adoption. I always have, even before taking this journey to bring Max home. I majored in Social Work so I could one day work at an adoption agency (God had other plans, but I was able to do a full-time internship at one). My first job out of college was working at a group home with adolescents who were part of the foster care system.  It is something I have felt a calling to advocate for and to be a part of. I have never once felt like I had to care for children without families who could care for them, I have wanted to do it.  Not everyone has that calling and that is OK! For some reason God put it on my heart, and Dave’s heart, and here we are today parenting Max.

So, when someone brings up adoption, and wants to talk to me about it, I get excited! No, adoption isn’t a  fairy tale story that doesn’t have heartache involved in it, but like I have said many times before, there is so much beauty in it.  It’s one of my “things”, like being an artist. When a stranger asks me about Max, I am so happy to talk to them about his story – I only hold the private areas (that only he should know one day) to myself. Someone who I really look up to once told me “believe the best in people”. I’m not gonna lie, this is something I sometimes have a hard time doing. But with adoption comments, I have a lot of grace for people who may not use the correct terms {for example, when they ask if Landon is my son, too, because Max is adopted}. I have grace for people who make these comments, because at some point or another, I have probably said the same things!

Honestly, we haven’t encountered many of those “can’t believe she said that” comments yet. I cannot think of one person we know who hasn’t been excited and supportive of Max’s adoption. If there is someone, they just haven’t said anything, and I am a ok with that 🙂

Today though, my heart hurt for Max and Landon and the comments that could potentially hurt them as they grow up. Today, I was thankful that Max couldn’t hear the conversation I had with a woman at a play place. Was she malicious, out to hurt me, with her words? Not at all. And, in a way, I am glad she said what she said because it opened my eyes.

She said, “It took us a year to get pregnant and I thought we might have to adopt.” {after first talking about how beautiful Max is while not acknowledging the handsome stud that Landon is}.

I also want to add that we, too, have struggled with getting pregnant.

 I felt the need to write about this conversation only because I want Max to always know that we wanted, with all our hearts, to adopt HIM. I want Landon to always feel special and cute even though he looks different from his brother.

My eyes were opened to the need for Dave and I to pray over Max and Landon and that God will deafen their ears to lies that Satan may try to whisper to them.

And we will forever and always let Max know that he was yearned for, prayed for and wanted! No, baby boy, we didn’t have to adopt you, we deeply desired to adopt you.


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