You Know You Have Double-Two-Year-Olds When…

Before you read this, know that I love being a mommy to Landon and Max and I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

1. You start to tell everyone you have to “go potty” when you need to use the restroom.

2. You open up your purse, and instead of finding a tube of lipstick, you find old goldfish, a diaper (hopefully clean) and a matchbox car or two.

3. Your curtains that you sewed as a young married wife now look like this:

fallen curtain

4. You celebrate like you just won The Superbowl (in overtime) because both the kiddos are in bed, asleep, by 7:30.

5. You fall asleep on the couch at 8:30 because the above actually happened.

6. Having a clean house longer than 20 seconds is a distant memory.

7. A trip alone to the grocery store is as relaxing as taking a cruise.

8. All the treats you have hidden have now disappeared because someone now knows how to make himself taller….

sneaky max

9. You get aggravated when the awesome tower you built with mega blocks, or that super cool train track you spent hours putting together, gets demolished by said two-years-olds.

10. Your couch cushions now have an “almost permanent home” on the floor, but they sure make those two-year-olds pretty happy, check it out….


2 thoughts on “You Know You Have Double-Two-Year-Olds When…

  1. As we say around our house, “Toyota” (“you asked for it, you got it.”). Only kidding, because you asked for a miracle & you got him! It is amazing how quickly the “newly wed days” disappear when a toddler is on the scene, let alone 2 toddlers! Times of exhaustion, times of joy, & times of learning how precious a little trip to the grocery or anywhere ALONE becomes. I love your transparency & the sweet ways you share it.

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