Two Months

It’s been two months ya’ll….two months since our “little tiger” was first placed in our arms. Two months since this video, capturing a flood of emotions, was taken.

In those short two months, our little boy has been very brave. He left a foster mother (and maybe a foster father and siblings as well) who cared for him for a whole year of his life. He came into a big city to meet foreigners, his mommy and daddy, who looked nothing like the several other caretakers he previously had. I would say our little boy is one of the bravest people I know. At two, he has been through more transitions than me… and yet he still smiles…

max bicycle

And is so very silly…

free pdq


And for being able to hear very little, he sure catches on quick! On Halloween we went to one house and after that he knew EXACTLY what to do….he ran up to each house, knocked  on the door, and started grabbing handfuls of candy with his big brother by his side…

trick or treating

A brother, I can tell, he loves so much already. Despite a few weeks of almost non-stop fighting, Landon and Max are starting to form a close bond and we often catch them cracking each other up. Life is apparently very funny when you are two.

holding hands

lifting weights

target hugging

You sure are brave Ping Ping and I hope that one day you will know that we are here to stay.

Check out this video of our sweet boy, you can totally get an idea of his personality if you haven’t met him yet.


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