My Grandma

The last few days have been tough – we lost my Grandma Mary – someone I have always loved and admired.

My heart hurts, but it is happy at the same time.

She is with Jesus this Christmas.


I have many memories of her stored up to share with my little boys one day – stories of a woman who was strong and loved people well, even hard to love people. Through Christ, she gained her strength to love people right where they were in life. She didn’t have an easy life, but she lived it to the fullest and never complained. She spent the last few years in a nursing home with half of her body paralyzed, but that didn’t stop her from finding joy in people around her – the nurses, her family and her church. Even though it was difficult to visit the nursing home, I always had a peace that God had her where she was meant to be at this time in her life. She was a light to those around her – those who had no family to visit them or were lost because their minds were taken over my dementia. She loved them well and always introduced us to each person there with such joy in her voice.

But my favorite memory of her is very recent….

It was when she heard about us adopting Max and her excitement about us bringing him home. She loved each one of her 14 great grandchildren and could tell you their ages, all about their births, their dislikes, what they were doing in preschool, the list could go on and on. She treated Max no differently and embraced him just like each one of her other great grand babies. On Thanksgiving, she had a special “prayer bear” picked out just for him. She looked at me and said ” this is for Max cause he is one special little boy.” I’m so thankful that she was able to see Max three times before she left us, giving him hugs and kisses. I have heard several stories about grandparents, or people from her generation, being opposed to adopting from China or other countries. Not my grandma, she was ecstatic about this new grandson of hers and couldn’t wait to hear about our trip there and how he was doing in his new home.

 God gave me the greatest gift in a grandma that lived her life as an example not only to me, but to everyone who crossed her path. I love you Grandma and you will forever be a part of our lives.



One thought on “My Grandma

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your Grandma, Tricia! I’m so sorry for your loss, and will pray for your family. I am happy for your Grandma that she can be rejoicing with the angels this Christmas!!

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