Happy 4th Birthday Landon!

Dear Landon,

I cannot believe you are already 4 years old! It seems like only yesterday I was marveling at your teeny tiny feet and beautiful big eyes. I’m still in awe that God gave us the honor of raising you! Seeing you change and grow over the last 4 years has been one of my greatest joys in life. You’re still the same little boy from this first birthday letter that I wrote to you, but have changed and grown so much!

birthday donut blog

You love donuts, baking with mommy and daddy, playing by yourself (you like to tell Max you need “alone time” and your “privacy”), watching Octonauts, learning about animals, talking to yourself, playing with your stuffed animals, and cuddling up in blankets and pillows. Basketball is your favorite sport and you wrestle daily with Max (while I am so happy you and Max are getting along during these wrestling fiascoes, I am cringing and hoping no bones get broken). I love how you have a soft sensitive side, but can be a energetic little boy too.

cookies with daddy blog

You are still very detailed oriented and your preschool teacher once called you her “sensitive engineer guy”. I see a lot of me and your daddy in you  – you do so many things just like we did at your age! I remember lining up all of my stuffed animals on my bed and making sure none of them fell off so their feelings wouldn’t get hurt. Some nights your daddy and I can barely find you under all your animals! The other day I overheard you telling Max “Don’t move Mickey Mouse off my bed – he is for decoration”….that is exactly something I would have said at your age. Sometimes I think you are a little mini me but then I see so much of your daddy in you too. You are so kind and loving and ask questions like “why does that man stand on the street alone mommy?”. We talk about how some people don’t have homes to live in and you get concerned about where they have their “quiet times”. I love that you have such a big heart and that you see people all the same. You often ask what your baby sister will look like…pointing at pictures of all different races and hoping she will look “just like that baby”!



You are soooo excited about your baby sister, who could here any day now. You refuse to call her “Lyla” and are stuck on naming her “Layla” – I hope you will forgive us one day for taking the extra “a” out of her name. It melts my heart when I see you with other babies – how inquisitive you are about everything they do and how eager you are to help. Max didn’t come to us as a little baby, but you sure have grown into a big brother this year!  You two are so silly together…. 01bace17824bcfefa32df752bfabf50163e36a41ba

I love overhearing your conversations with him when you tell him all about how he became a part of our family – from us traveling to China to bring him home and you staying with Uncle John and  Aunt Christine. You tell him that he was born in Kunming and you were born in America and you are now both brothers…melt.my.heart.


Just last night, you called daddy into your room after being tucked in because you had something very important to tell him – you asked him not to tell me that tomorrow was your birthday. I had mentioned early that evening that you getting bigger made me sad and I wanted you to stay little. You were so thoughtful to ask daddy not to tell me, but I will always remember your birthday and I AM happy you are growing into such a sweet little boy!

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No, I am not the best about writing down all the sweet, silly, inquisitive things you say and ask. And I haven’t even put together a baby book for you (I must admit that I have forgotten some of the dates where you took your first steps or your first tooth popped out). I hope that one day you will read these birthday letters and know that even though I am not the most organized mommy out there, I love you BIG TIME and I will always treasure the memories of you growing up. Happy 4th Birthday Landon David!


Your mommy





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